View Video on Mobile Phone

View Video on Mobile Phone

Step 1: Connect the NVR and router with an Ethernet cable (WAN port for NVR, LAN port for router). Wait until see the Device ID and the status shows “ONLINE” on the right bottom corner (Note: Make sure do not use the Cloud ID shows on the picture below, it is just an example)


>> If the status does not change to “ONLINE”, please double check the Ethernet cable connection.

Step 2: Download the App. Search Eseecloud or IP PRO in Apple App store or Google Play. 

Step 3: Run the app, click “Register” to create an account and login, then add device.



Cloud ID: It is on the lower right corner of your monitor 

User Name: default: “admin” 

Password: Your NVR System’s password (not the password you set for your app account) 

Attention: The username & password should be the same one you use to log in system on 

screen as picture below (NVR monitor), if you haven’t updated the password, please leave it 


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